IT Support & Remote Helpdesk

Help From Afar

On or offsite, we’re capable of addressing client-side issues both software and hardware that can bog down your daily operations.

Our Remote Monitoring & Management platform allows us remote access to manage your IT.

How We Help

On-boarding new users

Addressing employee IT issues

Configure programs, sites, and policies

Networks don’t look after themselves and in order to keep servers and workstations in tip-top working order, preventative maintenance such as cleaning up temporary files. must be performed regularly. It is of course time consuming to log onto each server or workstation on a network initiate the cleanup process and then subsequently check that it has run successfully. By Automating this process, we bypass the monotony and potential for human error.
We apply this principle for these use cases:

-Software Deployment & Updates

-System Reboots

-System Repairs
-User Management

-Program and Service Control

-Scheduled System Reporting